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Hello. I'm Nala. I've lived in the Pride Lands my whole life, and Simba was my best friend growing up. Everything went downhill when Mufasa died and Simba disappeared, but things have gotten so much better now that Simba is king of Pride Rock, and I love him dearly. We also have a beautiful daughter named Kiara. And our friends Timon and Pumbaa are always around. | part of disney daydreamers rp

esperanceetlumiere said: Well, I know it's strange, but I was human a long time ago... and now I'm just a Candlestick 'cause a curse that fall over my master and all the castle servants.

Oh, I see. *frowns* That sounds awful. I’m sorry that happened. How exactly did you get cursed?

whats-a-kiss-deactivated2011102 said: -lays down in the air- You can never be as graceful as me though! Haha! Now, off to Neverland?

Haha, no I don’t think I will ever be as graceful as you are at flying. *finally manages to get herself upright and fly at least somewhat decently* I guess since I’m already flying, Neverland wouldn’t be so bad to visit. Just lead me there!

(ooc: omg Nala in Neverland. xD Should we start a thread?)

whats-a-kiss-deactivated2011102 said: -nods- Of course it works! Now try to fly around a little

Uhh, ok! *flails her front legs around a bit and ends up turning herself upside down* I think this is going to take some getting used to…

whats-a-kiss-deactivated2011102 said: NO, of course not! We have to use the very best pixie dust! Here I think I still have some on my hands from Tink -blows it onto your face- There, now try again

*flinches a little at having dust blown in her face, but continues to think happy thoughts. in a few moments she rises off the ground* Whoa! Uh…I think it worked!